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The Narconon rehab program has been helping people get off drugs for almost 50 years.

We have over 47 full drug rehab centers throughout the world.

Each center provides the most effective techniques to help you overcome drug addiction.

Our program has one of the highest success rates around and is one of the most affordable.


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Our Program

No Drug Substitution

Our program doesn’t use other drugs to help you get off of drugs. We use a safe and natural holistic approach while even making drug withdrawal as painless as possible.

Complete Body Detox

All the you used get stored into your body and can later cause drug cravings. We get those harmful drug toxins out for you. This is where you can experience a renewed life.

Full Life-Skills Program

Drugs make a person less capable to confront life and communicate well with others. Their life falls apart because he or she is no longer stable. Our life-skills program helps to strengthen all areas of a person’s life so that they will know how to live without drugs happily while being productive and attaining their goals.

Featured Centers

Narconon Arrowhead

Located in Canadian, Oklahoma.

Narconon Freedom Center

Located in Albion, Michigan

Narconon Riverbend

Located in Denham Springs, LA